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a content management system powered by Yii2.

Powered by Yii2

The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework. Yii is a high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.

Open Source

Raspina is an free and open source project that is licensed under BSD 3.

Multi Language

Allows you easily use english, russian and persian languages. You can add your own language.

Transparent, Reliable and Extensible

you can easily develop the functionality of your website.


1. download the latest release.
2. unpack the downloaded file to a Web-accessible folder.
3. see http://your-domain.com/requirements.php . if Your server configuration satisfies the minimum requirements by this application, go to next step. else Please pay attention to the warnings and errors listed below and check if your application will use the corresponding features.
3. set the write permissions 0777 on folders(apply to all files and subdirectories):
4. run http://your-domain.com/install
5. see http://your-domain.com
6. after install, delete /controllers/InstallController.php

Send Email Config.

1. open /config/web.php file.
2. find 'mailer' and config it. [ yiisoft/yii2-swiftmailer - API Documentation ]
3. create noreply email. for example noreply@your-host.com
4. open /config/params.php and edit senderEmail('senderEmail' => 'noreply@your-host.com').

Contact Developer

Ehsan Rezaei.
#ISTJ Sofware Engineer. Full Stack Developer. CTO.
E-mail: me@deblah...blah...blah :)velopit.ir
Blog: developit.ir